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A new beverage derived from nutrition and health research & Development

> No preservative

> No colouring agent

> No additionnal sugar or sweetener


 For a balanced diet containing nutrients indispensable to well-being


All the benefits of the tomato in a functional health and well-being drink

Rich in vitamins A, C and E, the tomato is asource of minerals as magnesium and potassium.

It contains an important quantity of polyphenols and antioxidant like lycopene which act in synergy.

Integrale tomate preserves the quality and the balance of the various nutrients of tomato.

A perfect synergy of the active nutrients to protect against oxidative stress

Integrale tomate brings 15 mg of lycopene bioavailable to the body and invevitably comes from food.

The protective effects of lycopene are due to synergic interactions with others phytonutrients presents in balanced quantity in the tomato


Tomatoes grown according to eco-friendly principles allow to obtain quality raw materials with perfect traceability

Tomates used for the production of Integrale tomate are issued from protected farming thanks to friendly insects avoiding the use of pesticides.

This raw material harvested at maturity to preserve the synergy of the active compounds provides aperfectly traced product, without pesticides and heavy metals, with an ideal naturally nutritional profil.

A process without enzymatic degradation to respect the integrity of components contained in the tomato.

- Natural methods
- No preservative
- No colouring agents
- No additionnal sugar or sweetener

Thanks to its extensive R&D laboratory and its advanced knowledge of product formulation, Oligonov can offer consumers a balanced, easy-to-use solution to help preserve their health on a daily basis